In-Season Media Reporting Policy




Please read our practice access and reporting policy.


In your coverage of daily practice sessions, we ask for your cooperation in observing the following practice policies:


  • Practice sessions in the regular season are open to the team’s beat media through the individual period of practice (approximately 30 minutes) or until the start of “team” work.


  • Do not report on offensive or defensive strategy. This includes describing formations, personnel groups, deployment of personnel, starting lineups, players working in first-team, second-team or third-team, or non-conventional plays.


  • Do not quote, paraphrase or report the comments made by coaches or players during a practice session.


  • No reporting during the open portion of practice. This includes social media updates (i.e. tweeting), blogging, radio updates or phone interviews.


  • Media are prohibited from interacting with players and coaches during practice.


  • Media are respectfully asked not to contact players, coaches, football staff and personnel on their own. All communications should be coordinated through the Giants Communications Staff.


  • Media are asked to silence cell phones before entering the practice area and during all press conferences.


  • The Giants reserve the right to change their access policy without prior notice.


Please observe the following policies during the open locker room interview period:

  • Video and still photographers may only photograph players while they are conducting interviews at their locker. All other photography and videography is prohibited.
  • Please do not report or photograph any information included on television monitors, bulletin boards or items/information in lockers.




This policy is in effect for all media availabilities, events or activities on team premises that are attended by media through credentialed access.


Because recent technology and applications have made live-streamed broadcasts widely viable for individual operators (including, but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Ustream, Periscope, Meerkat, etc.), we have updated our policy and are sharing as a reminder.


  • Media availabilities, open practice sessions and other team activities on club premises (Quest Diagnostics Training Center/MetLife Stadium) may not be broadcast live by an individual or media outlet without prior approval from the New York Giants (this includes the use of social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Ustream, Periscope and Meerkat, among others).
  • In accordance with the National Football League’s online video regulations, any content (live or otherwise) gathered through credentialed access may not be archived online for longer than 24 hours and must be limited to 90 seconds in length per day.
  • No content can be streamed online by any media outlet unless the approved stream is simulcast live on the outlet’s television or radio broadcast.


If there are any questions regarding this policy, please ask for clarification from a Giants communications department representative. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. ©2019 New York Giants. All Rights Reserved. Do not duplicate in any form without permission.